Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear Kate: Function meets Fashion

So, I can't say I ever thought I would blog about undies, aside from how many I have to wash during potty training, but here I am! As you might know I have become somewhat of a runner. I have taken a tiny break in the past, cough, 2 months, but I am back at it again!  Can I just tell you how awful it is to run in the wrong undergarments?? I usually know after the first 2 minutes of a run if I have selected the wrong ones for the task. They bunch, pinch, go places no underwear should ever go, etc. To add insult to injury, there is the lovely chafing that can occur after you have been running for over an hour. I find that it is due to a mix of sweat, the wrong undies, and the fact that my thighs really like to stay close together, damn thighs.
Enough about my problem, let's talk about the solution! Dear Kate to the rescue. They have a line of fashionable, yet super functional undergarments, that are awesome. I got the Leading Lady bikini (pictured below on a model...not one wants to see that). From the photo I thought they would be a little tight, but they fit perfectly. If you are worried about that go a size up. They were the most comfortable undies to run in. They stayed put and absorbed moisture so I had no chafing at all.

They are designed with a three breathable layers, to wick away moisture and then absorb it. They were originally designed to provide backup during menstrual cycles, but have so many more benefits! Many women have problems when they are pregnant or after the baby is born that I like to call the "Achoo, oops I peed a little" or "Bwahahaha, that is hilarious. Ugh, not again!". These undies are the solution to those problems! They also have a maternity line and their basic line is so comfy but doesn't look at all like the granny undies I wore after my kids were born! I like the bikini so much that I am going to try the thong they make as well. They also have a fancier line that looks like Betty Page might have modeled them. Note to self...get skinny enough to be able to wear them in a boudoir shoot!  If you'd like to get your own Dear Kates, visit their site and use the coupon code below to save $10. 

Disclosure: I was provided a pair of Dear Kate underwear to test out in exchange for posting my honest opinion.


  1. Love this post ;) I'll definitely have to try these out for running!

  2. They really are pretty undies! I'm lacing up my running shoes this weekend for the first time in like 3-4 months (eek) and yes, the wrong undergarments are a disaster. Oh, and I call it "snissing" ;-)

  3. I love my Dear Kate undies! I haven't worn them to the gym yet (mainly because I joined today), but that's next on my list. I'm totally ordering more!! I have the same ones you do. Great post!

  4. I can't wait to try Dear Kates!!! Great post...I think i'm going to order the same pair actually, now that i'm "running." (I use quotes since I can pretty much make it through a 5 minutes jog before I start to feel like i'm going to keel over.)

  5. I can't wait to try these! I had the "wrong pair" on just last night when I hit the treadmill.

  6. I've heard about these undies and want to give them a try. I'm trying to work out more often this year so I will treat myself to a pair if I keep up with my work out schedule.

  7. I have never heard of these! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ohh I need to try those, what a great idea. Thanks for posting!

  9. These are fantastic! It's one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" Products! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. I love Dear Kates. Love love!!! And you are right, they would definitely be perfect for running and/or exercising. I haven't worn them for such activities yet, but once I can replace my entire undie collection with them, I will hae to try that out. ;)

  11. I definitely need to get these for running!!

  12. They sound great for running- and they're cute too! :)

  13. Sounds like these are designed and made by people who "get it"! I really need to try these!

  14. They sound like a good idea for any type of exercise! Great post on your undies!! ;)

  15. ooooh might have to try them - sounds awesome. Love that you posted about undies ;)


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